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By September 16, 2017Art, Blog, Personal, Yellowknife
It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in Yellowknife and it’s starting to get cold. They warned me it would get cold. But its not the kind of cold that penetrates deep into your bones. It’s fresh, and wakes you up. I find myself keeping the balcony door and windows open all the time. Sometimes I only realize how cool it is in my apartment when I step out into the rest of the building’s heated hallways.
On my first evening here I was greeted with beautiful clear skies, mild weather and one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Although it’s been cloudy ever since, the beautiful view I have from my living room widow does a good job of making the clouds seem less ominous.
I find myself in Yellowknife because my husband has a one year contract as a Lawyer with the Federal Government of Canada. When I first learned of this new opportunity, I wanted to take a break from having a day job so I could spend the next year working on my art. But my feminist brain said “cannot…live off…husband…cannot be… house wife…” So I secured myself an eLearning Contract. eLearning and education is my day job, and though I certainly love it, making art is what drives me. It’s what wakes me up in the morning, and keeps me working into the wee hours of the night.
Having a day job/contract won’t stop my art making. In fact I haven’t even taken a break during these last 2 hectic months. My husband went up to Yellowknife first, and I finished up the last 2 months of my work contract in Ottawa. All of our possessions went with him, so my computer was packed in a box. I still had access to my work computer and my drawing tablet, but I didn’t have a dedicated space to work. I lived in 2 different apartments, and never had a permanent desk set up. I was always on the floor, at a kitchen table, or in a cafe. I also decided to put all my energy into day job projects, which were fun, but took away from my own art.
I did however rekindle my love of life drawing in sketchbooks. I had gotten so used to working digitally, I had forgotten how fun it is to carry a sketchbook around and just draw everything. I drew quite a bit of my last days in Ottawa, then tragically lost my phone with a month’s worth of reference pictures, including shots from some of my final bike rides outside of the city. Shit happens though, and it could have been worse.
Artistically, I want to explore all the ideas I’ve put on the shelf over the years. I love life drawing, and I love cartoons. I’ve always just assumed each one should be on a different website, as each was a different part of myself. But I want to see if I can bring these two styles together. I’m not sure if that will mean making my life drawing more cartoon, or adding more realism and detail to my cartoons. I hope you’ll follow along as I experiment and work through these stylistic changes, and perhaps find a way to merge my two styles, instead of having two very distinct ones.

Till next time.


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  • Cindi says:

    I am looking forward to following along with you on your new adventures in Yellowknife!

    Feeling sad that I didn’t get to treat you to an Ottawa dinner before you left! Hoping I get another chance!

    Can’t wait to see your art as you soon unfolds n your new home !

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