I don’t know why my dad let me watch horror movies at a really young age,
but it’s turned me into the well-rounded weirdo I am today.

Imagine being the only Goth in your small town high school, making your own clothes and being asked if you were a witch before The Craft had ever come out in theaters. Horror movies were my escape. They were a place I could be scared, laugh and enjoy an adventure.

As a young weirdo I spent many days alone leafing through my dad’s comic book collection. The superheroes were okay, but what I really enjoyed were the spooky Tales From The Crypt comics. One day – while I was looking where I shouldn’t – I stumbled across my dad’s collection of Heavy Metal magazines. From the very first issue, I was completely hooked. Yes, the women were sometimes comically sexy, but they were also the heroes of these stories. And so began my love of strong female characters.

Drawing was my other escape. Making art meant I could truly immerse myself in the worlds and characters I created. Now I’ve grown up into a Confident Strange Lady, so I don’t feel the need to escape anymore. Instead, I feel compelled to create art because I have so many stories I want to share.

My goal is to create art that makes us weirdos feel less alone, so we can enjoy being scared together.