30 Day Sketch Challenge

By December 6, 2014Uncategorized

I recently finished a self imposed 30 Day Sketch Challenge. The idea was to do one sketch a day, outside of my normal artistic and work activities. It could be simple, uncolored, and in any medium. The purpose was simply to post a sketch to my Instagram every day.

There were two main reasons I wanted to do this challenge.  First I want to develop a more disciplined, regular studio practice. Drawing for 30 days would force me to the drawing table, even if I was tired, busy or just not “feeling it”. The second reason was that I wanted to start posting art to social media on a regular basis. I have not been making good use of social media. I have so much art I want to share, but always find an excuse not to post it. With this challenge, even if I didn’t like what I drew I knew I had to post. So it was a great help in getting me over my fear of sharing art.

I started the challenge with a friend. At first we decided that if we skipped a day we’d give the other person 5 bucks. Not posting would have been easy, since the stakes weren’t very high. But once I started posting, and realized people actually wanted to see the sketches, the stakes were way higher! I didn’t care about the monetary loss,  I just didn’t want to disappoint anyone by missing a drawing!

If you missed the challenge fear not, you can see them all on my Instragram http://instagram.com/jaymiedylanart.

I’ve also included a few of my favorite sketches here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Art

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Art


If I had a Coat of Arms




A quick Margaret Atwood sketch


A Bunny riding a Llama. Because, reasons.


A house in Saratoga Springs


Nancy from The Craft, Fan Art


Jean Idelle